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Is it necessary to make previous reservations?

At the moment the online sales system is only available for countries in South America. However, tickets are available at the ticket office without previous reservations.

How long is the train ride?

The train ride is approximately 1 hour for one way only, and 1 hour and 45 minutes roundtrip.

What is the price for the ticket?

The prices are published in the "Timetables and Rates" section. The prices do NOT include the National Park entrance.

Is there any discount for retirees?

Only for argentinians.

Is there any discount for disabled people?

Yes. Showing the corresponding certificate the minimum fee is paid.

What are the payment options?

We accept payments in cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and payments in foreign currency (US dollars, pounds, reales, euros, australian dollars).

What is the value of the entrance to the National Park?

These values ​​are subject to change depending on the National Parks Administration and payment is cash only. For each category, accreditation must be submitted. You are able to consult each value in the "Timetables and fares" section, under the train fares.

Where is the main station located?

It is located at 8 km of the city center (aproximately 25 minutes by car) on the National Route nº3 KM 3065.

How do I get to the main station from the city?

You can arrive there by taxi.

How do I continue the excursion inside the National Park?

We suggest you coordinate an excursion with your local travel agent. For more information, go to the Municipal Address of Tourism.

Can I take the morning train, take a walk in the National Park and come back in the afternoon train?

Yes. You can take the morning train and when you arrive to the National Park Station you can walk around (the nearest point is Ensenada Bay, located at about 0.9 miles from the National Park Station) and come back in the 16:00 hs. train to the main station. Please, if you decide to do this, remember to tell your train guide.

During days of heavy snow, does the train operate normally?

Yes. The train runs all year long, despite snowstorms. In particular cases when the train is not working, the passenger is previously noticed.