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Camila Locomotive

Camila Locomotive

Date of Construction: 1995
Winson Engineering. Daventry, England.

This is a classic steam locomotive with rigid tank chassis and lateral water tanks built in the UK by "WINSON ENGINEERING".

Its design resembles that of the antique locomotive models which were very popular in England and which ran on the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, a branch line which operated from 1890 till it closed in 1935.

Nevertheless, many such locomotives were made and such is the case of “Camila”, built between December 1994 and February 1995 in Daventry, located just two hours drive north of London, with an approximate weight of about 7.5 tons. The locomotive is, in railway jargon, a 2-6-2T.

Due to the inefficiencies of its original design, our Engineering department (headed by Shaun McMahon together with Livio Dante Porta) made important modifications to improve its performance:

• Insulation: All the original insulation was removed and was replaced with 4 layers of a 128 Kg/m3 density ceramic fibre blanket, this insulation was not only used on the boiler but also on the cylinders, distribution valves and steam pipes; significantly improving its thermal efficiency.

• Exhaust System: The exhaust gas and vapour system was of a traditional design which was modified with a LEMPORT system, considerably improving the removal of exhaust gases from the firebox and resulting in better vapour extraction from the cylinders. This isreflected in an improvement in the emission of gases produced by combustion (less contamination), and an increased efficiency in the cylinders.

• Cabin: The controls inside the cabin were redesigned to make them more practical and easy to operate.

• Lubrication: The lubricating system was redistributed to make it more even and effective. Steam lubrication was added to the front and rear bogie wheels.

Technical Specifications

Horsepower Engine: 80
Lenght: 4,90 mts / 16.08 ft
Width: 1,42 mts / 4.66 ft
Fuel Tank: 280 lts / 73,97gal
Water Tank: 740 lts / 195,49 gal
Transmission: 2 - 6 – 2
Weight: 7,5 tn / 7,5t