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Zubieta Locomotive

Zubieta Locomotive

Date of construction: 2006
Port Shepstone, South Africa

It is the latest locomotive incorporated into the End of the World Train, put to work in November 2006, and named after the maritime engineer Héctor J. Rodríguez Zubieta, distinguished naval builder and first promoter of tourism in Tierra del Fuego. It is a Beyer-Garratt 0-4-0 + 0-4-0 narrow gauge (500mm) locomotive.

It was built in the Gilderstone Rail workshops in Port Shepstone (South Africa) especially for the Southern Fuegian Railway, with a complement of numerous parts fabricated in our workshops in Carupá.

It’s length is approximately 7 meters, its weight is around 10 tons and, with an output of 160HP, it is the most powerful locomotive on our railway.

With respect to its design, it is very similar to the locomotive “Ing L.D. Porta” - today in service – commonly called “garrafetas” (designed for running on windy steep tracks for maximum power and traction) and incorporating ecology friendly steam traction technology, but different from “Porta”, it has steam super heaters to optimize thermal efficiency and added traction power. It has a central boiler situated together with the command controls in the cabin; on this frame the weight is distributed between the two chassis extremes which house the cylinders and the driving wheels. On top of the front chassis sits the water tank and over the rear sits the fuel tank.

Technical Specifications

Horsepower: 160
Length: 7,50mts / 24,60ft
Width: 1,60mts / 5,25ft
Fuel Tank: 700lts / 184,92gal
Water Tank: 2000lts / 528,34gal
Transmission: 0 - 4 – 0
Weight: 12tn / 12t