Tank Wagon

01/11/2019 EVENTOS

It function is a support work for the national park forest fire brigade and possible accidents along the railroad track of TRANEX TURISMO SA.


The Cistern wagon is identified as 1000 series, car number 1007.

Data sheet.

The tank wagon is mounted on a rectangular structure frame on 2 English-type bogies, it has a metal tank of 2000 liters of water capacity; with an inspection mouth at the top. Inside, it has breakwaters necessary for a safe transfer at the time of water balancing.
It is equipped with a Kushiro K80T motor pump, the entire water loading and evacuation system has been made through 2 ”system and maniful water pipes.
The wagon has 2 sections hoses fire of 20 meters each 1¼ ”, a fixed jet lance and a variable regulation peak (rain type)


The tank wagon is composed of:

Max Cap: 50 M3 / h
Max. Suction height: 8m
Max environment 313 K
1 heart shovel
1 Shovel Tip
2 peaks
2 short axes
1 Lava Fit
2 adapters
for 2 ”hose


4 buckets
2 Hoses against
Fire x 20 meters each
1 Fixed jet lance
1 Regulation peak


All the elements installed in the wagon has a corresponding certification.
               Technical specifications
               Horsepower or HP: 80
               Length: 4.90 meters / 16.08 ft
               Width: 1.42 meters / 4.66 ft
              Fuel Tank: 280 lts / 73.97 gal
              Water Tank: 740 lts / 195.49 gal
              Transmission: 2 - 6 - 2
              Weight: 7.5 tons / 7.5 tons

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