Maintenance Tierra del Fuego locomotive

14/07/2020 EVENTOS
We are doing the maintenance of our locomotive Tierra del Fuego, lifting and removing the axles for repair. At present, it is a locomotive that provides multiple services, since it can transport passenger cars, as well as being a work locomotive, carrying out maintenance tasks to move materials or on tracks by keeping the tracks clear of snow, in times when the prevailing climate requires it.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturing Origin: South Africa
Dimensions: Length: 6.50 m / Height: 3.20 m / Width: 1.80 m / Width: 50 cm.
Total Weight: 11.30 TN
Engine: Caterpillar 3304 T ( turbocharged / intercooled )
Power HP: 148 HP
Brake Type: Air (via pump, steam command compressor) Manual: (brake shoes)
Fuel tank capacity: 180 lts.

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