Camila Locomotive

Date of construction: 1995
Winson Engineering. Daventry, England.

It is in honors the daughter of Antonio Enrique Diaz, original owner of the the End of the World Train. It is a classic steam traction locomotive with rigid chassis and lateral water tanks, built by the firm Winson Engineering of the United Kingdom. With an approximate weight of 7.5 tons and 80 HP of power is one of the locomotives that provides the service daily. It is referred in railway as 2-6-2T. The design evokes an old model very popular in England in the late nineteenth century. Many similar machines has been manufactured, such is the case of "Camila", between December 1994 and February 1995 destined specially to the Fuegian Austral Railroad. To adapt better, some years ago our engineering department in charge of Engineer Shaun McMahon and Engineer Livio Dante Porta- made important technological modifications to increase its performance in: insulation, exhaust system, cabin and lubrication.

Technical Specifications

Date of construction: 1995
Manufacturing Origin: England, Winson Engineering. Daventry
Dimensions:  Length: 6.20 mts. Height: 2.45 mts. Width: 1.50 mts. Trail: 50 cm.
Total weight: 8.5 TN
Boiler: Tubular Smoke
Steam Pressure: 14 Kg
Working Temperature Range: 197°.
HP Power:95 HP
Brake Type: Air (through pump, steam command compressor) Manual (brake shoes)
Water Capacity: 750 Lts.
Fuel tank capacity: 280 Lts.