La Macarena Waterfall Station

La Macarena Station is a place of historical interest where the prisoners' train used to stop to provide water to the tanks of the steam locomotive called La Coqueta. In this stop it is possible to ascend until a viewpoint that offers an incomparable view of the Valley of the Pipo River, Cerro Guanaco, Cerro la Portada and Monte Susana. Ascending towards the upper part, it will be possible to reach the source of the Macarena waterfall in the Del Martial Mountain Chain, which is formed by thaws that are born at the top of the mountain. You can also find our prisoners who will offer their photographic service and also a grocery store, which has a souvenirs of our railroad. After a few minutes, the whistle of the guards will call all to quietly return to the train and the train restart its march to the National Park Tierra del Fuego.