Premium Class

With preferential and priority boarding, in confortable and heated wagons, we invite you to visit the End of the World Train, while you delight our special Premium service. 
In the morning departure, you might enjoy our breakfast menu with local sweets and beverages (either hot, cold or with alcohol).
In the mid-day and afternoon departures, our passengers might choose a dish among this options: lamb stewpot, lentils stewpot, chicken with vegetables, beef-loin or lamb sandwich with potatoes, or vegetarian wrap. Also, we have a special menu for kids: pizza, classic argentinian empanadas or mini beef-loin sandwich. This delicious dishes comes along with beverages (either hot, cold or with alcohol).
Also, you will have as a present, a box of chocolates and exclusive souvenirs of the End of the World Train. 

We have vegetarian, vegan and no TAC options. For more information please get in touch with us: 

Enjoy a unique experience on board of the End of the World Train.