Rodrigo Locomotive

It´s a mechanical diesel locomotive of configuration 0 - 6 - 0 manufactured in Germany by Orenstein & Koppel, model 1934. It was the first belonged to the Correntino Economic Railway, with a 600 mm gauge; then it was acquired by a cement company and refurbished for 500 mm. The weighs is approximately 7.5 tons. Tranex Turismos s.a. acquired it as scrap in 1993 and rebuilt it completely in the Carupá workshops. Called "Rodrigo", it was the first locomotive of the line and operated a short time the passenger trains until the arrival of the locomotives "Nora" (currently Eng. Livio Dante Porta) and Camila between 1994 to 1995. It currently carries out activities in a random way and to the extent that the demand for services requires.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturing Origin: Germany
Dimensions:  Length: 5,350 mt s. Width: 1,60 mt Trail: 50 cm
Total Weight: 9 TN
Engine: Orenstein & Koppel - 3 cylinders in line
HP Power: 72 HP
Transmission: Mechanical Box
Brake Type: Air (through pump) Manual (brake shoes)
Fuel tank capacity: 60 Lts