Zubieta Locomotive

Date Of Construction: 2006
Port Shepstone, South Africa.

It was the last locomotive incorporated to  the World Train, launched in October 2006,  in honnor to the Buenos Aires naval engineer Héctor J. Rodríguez Zubieta, outstanding naval constructor and pioneer of tourism in Tierra del Fuego. It is a locomotive of type Beyer-Garratt 0-4-0+0-4-0 of narrow gauge (500 mm).
It was built in the Girdlestone Rail workshops in Port Shepstone (Republic of South Africa) especially for the Fueguino Austral Railroad, with numerous contributions of pieces manufactured in our Carupá workshops.
The length is approximately 7 meters, weight is around 10 tons and it is the most powerful propulsion machine of our railroad, with a 160 HP engine.
The design is very similar of the "Ing. L. D. Porta" locomotive - currently working - commonly known as "carafetas" (designed to circulate in sinuous routes and with slopes with maximum power and traction) and ecological steam traction technology; but unlike this one, it has a steam superheater to optimize a thermal efficiency and dragging power. It includes a central boiler located next to the control controls in the box; this frame distributes the weight between the two chassis ends that contain the mechanisms of the steam engine and the rolling train. On the front chassis are the water tanks and on the rear the fuel tanks.

Technical Specifications:

Horsepower or HP: 160
Length: 7,50 mts
Width: 1,60 mts
Fuel Tank: 700 lts
Water Tank: 2000 lts
Transmission: 0 - 4 - 0
Weight: 12 tn